Synonyms and Antonyms of declaim

  1. 1 to give a formal often extended talk on a subject <over the last two centuries some of the most illustrious personages of their times have declaimed in the town's historic lyceum> Synonyms talk, descant, discourse, expatiate, harangue, lecture, orate, speakRelated Words recite, soliloquize; dissert, expound, pontificate, sermonize; mouth, spout; filibuster

  2. 2 to talk as if giving an important and formal speech <he declaimed at some length about the nation's obligation to spread democratic values around the world> Synonyms orate, discourse, harangue, mouth (off), perorateRelated Words rant, rave; bloviate, blow; lecture, preach, sermonize; advertise, announce, broadcast, declare, proclaim, pronounce; speak, speechify, talk

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