Synonyms and Antonyms of directly

  1. 1 in a direct line or course we went directly to the site without stopping to pick up extra supplies Synonyms dead, direct, due, plumb, plump, right, straight, straightway Phrases as the crow flies Near Antonyms circuitously, deviously, veeringly Antonyms indirectly

  2. 2 in an honest and direct manner the instructor deals with her art students very directly, always telling them the plain truth Synonyms straightforward, forthrightly, foursquare, plain, plainly, straight, straightforwardlyRelated Words baldly, bluffly, candidly, frankly, honestly, openheartedly, openly, unguardedly, unreservedly; artlessly, earnestly, simply, sincerely; abruptly, bluntly, brusquely, curtly, gruffly, point-blank, sharply; impolitely, inconsiderately, rudely, tactlessly; truthfully, veraciouslyNear Antonyms long-windedly, verbosely, wordily; civilly, courteously, diplomatically, politely, tactfully; deceitfully, mendaciously, untruthfully; erroneously, fallaciously, falsely, hypocritically, insincerely; ambiguously, circuitously, equivocally, evasively, indirectly

  3. 3 in the same words quoted directly from the encyclopedia Synonyms ad verbum, verbatim, exactly, word for wordRelated Words accurately, precisely; identically; literallyNear Antonyms basically, essentially, virtually; carelessly, freely, imprecisely, inaccurately, looselyAntonyms inexactly

  4. 4 without delay in case of a medical emergency, do not try to contact your doctor but instead go directly to the hospital Synonyms bang, immediately, forthwith, headlong, incontinently, instantaneously, instanter, instantly, now, PDQ, plumb, presently, promptly, pronto, right, right away, right now, right off, straightaway, straight off, straightwayRelated Words away, freely; anon, momentarily, shortly, soon; apace, briskly, fast, fleetly, full-tilt, posthaste, quick, quickly, rapidly, readily, snappily, speedily, swift, swiftly; abruptly, presto, suddenly, unexpectedly; hastily, impetuously, impulsively, rashly, recklessly; exactly, opportunely, punctually, seasonablyNear Antonyms slowly; late, tardily

  5. 5 at or within a short time dinner should be ready directly Synonyms anon, before long, by and by, shortly, momentarily, presently, soonRelated Words forthwith, immediately, incontinently, instantaneously, instantly, now, promptly, pronto, right away, right now, right off, straightaway, straightway

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