Synonyms and Antonyms of artlessly

  1. without any attempt to impress by deception or exaggeration artlessly commented that the dress looked good informed his host rather artlessly that the food was okay but not fantastic Synonyms naturally, guilelessly, ingenuously, innocently, naively (or naïvely), sincerely, unaffectedly, unfeignedly, unpretentiouslyRelated Words genuinely, honestly, simply, truly; freely, openheartedly, openly; candidly, frankly, matter-of-factly; casually, coolly (also cooly), nonchalantly; informally, relaxedly, unceremoniouslyNear Antonyms artfully, cannily, deceitfully, deceptively, deviously, dishonestly, falsely; archly, calculatingly, craftily, cunningly, furtively, insidiously, sharply, shiftily, slickly, slyly (also slily), underhand, underhanded, underhandedly; flatteringly, sycophantically, unctuouslyAntonyms affectedly, artificially, hypocritically, insincerely, pretentiously, unnaturally

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