Synonyms and Antonyms of straightway

  1. 1 without delay straightway, the decorator told us that the old couch had to go Synonyms bang, directly, forthwith, headlong, incontinently, instantaneously, instanter, instantly, now, PDQ, plumb, presently, promptly, pronto, right, right away, right now, right off, straightaway, straight off, immediatelyRelated Words away, freely; anon, momentarily, shortly, soon; apace, briskly, fast, fleetly, full-tilt, posthaste, quick, quickly, rapidly, readily, snappily, speedily, swift, swiftly; abruptly, presto, suddenly, unexpectedly; hastily, impetuously, impulsively, rashly, recklessly; exactly, opportunely, punctually, seasonablyNear Antonyms slowly; late, tardily

  2. 2 in a direct line or course disgusted by his coworker's offensive e-mail, he marched straightway to the boss's office to lodge a complaint Synonyms dead, direct, due, plumb, plump, right, straight, directlyNear Antonyms circuitously, deviously, veeringlyAntonyms indirectly

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