Synonyms and Antonyms of confiding

  1. having or showing trust in another a very confiding child who is a little too eager to trust total strangers Synonyms trusting, trustfulRelated Words artless, childlike, credulous, guileless, gullible (also gullable), innocent, naive (or naïve), simple, unsophisticated; dependent, hopeful, reliant; accepting, believing, certain, confident, convinced, overconfident, secure, sure, unquestioning, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwaryNear Antonyms disbelieving, incredulous, unbelieving, unconvinced, undecided, unpersuaded; dubious, hesitant, leery (also leary), oversuspicious, skeptical, suspicious, uncertain, unsure, waryAntonyms distrustful, doubtful, doubting, mistrustful, trustless, untrusting

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