Synonyms and Antonyms of classical

  1. 1 based on customs usually handed down from a previous generation <the classical preparation of a ham for Easter> Synonyms traditional, conventional, customary, prescriptiveRelated Words authentic, established, fixed, historical; common, habitual, orthodox, usual; ancestral, historic, old-time, old-world; aged, age-old, ancient, antediluvian, hoary, old, venerable; ageless, dateless, immemorial, timelessNear Antonyms contemporary, current, modern, modernized, new, new-age, present-day, updated, up-to-date; futuristic, high-tech (also hi-tech), hot, latest, mod, modernistic, newfangled, new-fashioned, red-hot, space-age, state-of-the-art, supermodern, ultramodern; nonconformist, nonorthodox, original, progressive, revolutionary, unorthodox, unprecedented, unusualAntonyms nontraditional, unconventional, uncustomary, untraditional

  2. 2 being the most accurate and apparently thorough <a writer celebrated for his classical profiles of eminent Victorians> Synonyms authoritative, classic, definitive, magisterialRelated Words conclusive, decisive; approved, official, sanctioned; accurate, correct; complete, comprehensive, exhaustive, thorough

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