noun en·tero·vi·rus \ˌen-tə-rō-ˈvī-rəs\

Definition of enterovirus

  1. :  any of a genus (Enterovirus) of picornaviruses that occur especially in the gastrointestinal tract but may infect other tissues (as nerve and muscle) and that include the poliovirus, Coxsackievirus, and echovirus


play \ˌen-tə-rō-ˈvī-rəl\ adjective

Origin and Etymology of enterovirus

New Latin

First Known Use: 1957

Medical Dictionary


noun en·tero·vi·rus \-ˈvī-rəs\

Medical Definition of enterovirus

  1. 1 capitalized :  a genus of single-stranded RNA viruses of the family Picornaviridae that multiply especially in the gastrointestinal tracts of humans and swine but may infect other tissues (as nerve and muscle), that may produce clinically evident conjunctivitis, encephalitis, meningitis, myelitis, or myocarditis, and that include the poliovirus and several species including numerous serotypes named as Coxsackieviruses and echoviruses

  2. 2:  any picornavirus of the genus Enterovirus


\-rəl\play adjective

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