adjective ex·tra \ˈek-strə\

: more than is usual or necessary

: costing more : requiring additional payment

Full Definition of EXTRA

a :  more than is due, usual, or necessary :  additional <extra work>
b :  subject to an additional charge <dessert is extra>
:  superior <extra quality>

Examples of EXTRA

  1. a sandwich with extra mayonnaise
  2. She got a part-time job to earn some extra money.
  3. He gave us an extra week to finish the job.
  4. There's no extra charge for breakfast.

Origin of EXTRA

probably short for extraordinary
First Known Use: 1757



: something that is added especially to make a product, service, etc., more appealing

: a person hired to act in a group scene in a movie

Full Definition of EXTRA

:  one that is extra or additional: as
a :  a special edition of a newspaper
b :  an added charge
c :  an additional worker; specifically :  one hired to act in a group scene in a motion picture or stage production
d :  an attractive addition or accessory :  frill <cars loaded with extras>
:  something of superior quality or grade

Examples of EXTRA

  1. The package deal includes some nice extras.
  2. Thousands of extras were hired for the battle scene.

First Known Use of EXTRA




: beyond the usual size or amount

: very or unusually

Full Definition of EXTRA

:  beyond the usual size, extent, or degree <extra large>

Examples of EXTRA

  1. You have to pay $5 extra for room service.
  2. The food was extra good.
  3. The roads are slippery, so be extra careful.
  4. This is an extra special occasion.

First Known Use of EXTRA

May 27, 2015
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a vigorous reprimand or warning
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