The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 34-38

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. calamitous | see definition»

    causing great harm or suffering : disastrous

    "Could be calamitous."

  2. combust | see definition»

    to be on fire or to set on fire

    The power was building, heavy and strong, and so hot I thought I was going to combust.

  3. conduit | see definition»

    someone or something that is used as a way of sending something (such as information or money) from one place or person to another

    "Runner can also mean — how do I say it? — channel, a conduit, power."

  4. deflect | see definition»

    to cause (something that is moving) to change direction

    "How did you find us?" I asked, deflecting her question with one of my own.

  5. gnarled | see definition»

    being twisted, rugged, or full of knots

    My eyes traced the trunk down to thick gnarled roots that snaked through the dark.

  6. hibernate | see definition»

    to spend the winter sleeping or resting

    Jazz, Hondo, and Brooks kept sleeping like hibernating turtles.

  7. incinerate | see definition»

    to burn to ashes

    It incinerated the monster on impact, then zipped back into my hand.

  8. isolate | see definition»

    to place or keep apart from others

    When I isolated my thoughts to this one part of me, a strange energy pulsed through my entire body.

  9. parallel | see definition»

    lying or moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart

    Quinn righted herself and flew parallel to the ground.

  10. pique | see definition»

    to stir up : EXCITE

    My curiosity was definitely piqued, and the thick rope on the ground near my feet looked like an invitation.

  11. recede | see definition»

    to become smaller or weaker

    Just as quickly, it receded.

  12. recoil | see definition»

    to draw back

    I recoiled as the blow rang out through the forest.

  13. rickety | see definition»

    in poor condition and likely to break

    She wore a red robe like Nobody's and stood on a rickety wooden stool with her back to me.

  14. scald | see definition»

    to burn with or as if with hot liquid or steam

    I felt a burst of heat on my skin, but it didn't scald me.

  15. tranquil | see definition»

    free from disturbance or turmoil

    The sun was setting and everything — the trees, the sky, the sea — looked tranquil.

  16. wince | see definition»

    to draw back (as from pain)

    Quinn sat up with a wince.

  17. yield | see definition»

    to give in

    "It's your dominant power — it will yield."

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