The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 31-35

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. ambush | see definition»

    to attack by surprise from a hidden place

    "They ambushed him as he was leaving the Green Olive Bar."

  2. conflict | see definition»

    a situation in which you are unable to do something because there is something else you have already agreed to do at that same time

    "We've hoped to attend every year, but we've always had a conflict."

  3. contemplate | see definition»

    to think about deeply and carefully

    Coach Douglas stepped out, leaving Reggie to contemplate what he would do if he were rich and powerful.

  4. credible | see definition»

    possible to believe : deserving belief

    How to put down and further degrade his own people in order to protect his new identity.

  5. deadpan | see definition»

    to say (something funny) in a way that shows no feeling or emotion

    "I will never speak to you again if you go to Milo's house for a 'play-date,'" Brandon deadpanned to Candice.

  6. default | see definition»

    used to describe something that happens or is done when nothing else has been done or can be done

    That was her default when she was stuck.

  7. degrade | see definition»

    to lower in character or dignity

    How to put down and further degrade his own people in order to protect his new identity.

  8. fallacy | see definition»

    a false or mistaken idea

    "It's the fallacy of mothers." She sighed.

  9. forfeit | see definition»

    to lose or give up (something) as a punishment or because of a rule or law

    "Either your player forfeits the set, or he gets back out there and finishes the game."

  10. grimace | see definition»

    to twist the face

    He grimaced as he rubbed his shoulder.

  11. hoist | see definition»

    to lift up especially with a pulley

    Smitty grabbed him underneath his arms and hoisted him from the seat.

  12. impartial | see definition»

    not favoring one side over another : FAIR

    Given the secrecy of the exhibition, he was as close to impartial as the Perkins team was going to get.

  13. inevitable | see definition»

    sure to happen

    Sure, it wasn't the nice the way that Reggie had toyed with him, but this was just delaying the inevitable.

  14. revise | see definition»

    to make changes that correct or improve

    "I revised one chapter and added a new scene."

  15. saunter | see definition»

    to walk in a slow relaxed way : STROLL

    Siobhan watched her father and Adam Douglas saunter over to Reverend Hollister and Coach Turner in the center of the court.

  16. eternity | see definition»

    a period of time that seems endless

    Jackie held out his hand, and after an eternity, Harold gave it a half-hearted shake.

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