verb de·grade \di-ˈgrād, dē-\

Definition of degrade

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1a :  to lower in grade, rank, or status :  demoteb :  to strip of rank or honorsc :  to lower to an inferior or less effective level degrade the image qualityd :  to scale down in desirability or salability

  3. 2a :  to bring to low esteem or into disrepute his actions have degraded his profession punishments intended to humiliate and degrade prisonersb :  to drag down in moral or intellectual character :  corrupt the Indians who consume peyote buttons do not seem to be … morally degraded by the habit — Aldous Huxley

  4. 3 :  to impair in respect to some physical property material degraded by exposure to sunlight

  5. 4 geology :  to wear down by erosion degraded the hillside

  6. 5 chemistry :  to reduce the complexity of (a chemical compound) :  decompose

  7. intransitive verb
  8. 1 :  to pass from a higher grade or class to a lower causes the meat to degrade in quality

  9. 2 of a chemical compound :  to become reduced in complexity plastics that don't easily degrade




play \-ˈgrā-diŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of degrade in a Sentence

  1. The group accuses the company of degrading women in its ads.

  2. He felt degraded by their remarks.

  3. Scratches on a camera lens will degrade the image.

  4. Pollution has degraded air quality.

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Did You Know?

In Shakespeare's King Lear, the old king is degraded by the daughters he has given his kingdom to. He finds it degrading, for instance, when the number of his guards is reduced from 100 to 25. His degradation seems complete when, after going mad, he's reduced to living in the wilderness. As you can see, degrade is often a synonym for humiliate.

Origin and Etymology of degrade

Middle English, from Anglo-French degrader, from Late Latin degradare, from Latin de- + gradus step, grade — more at grade

DEGRADE Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of degrade for English Language Learners

  • : to treat (someone or something) poorly and without respect

  • : to make the quality of (something) worse

  • : to cause (something complex) to break down into simple substances or parts

DEGRADE Defined for Kids


verb de·grade \di-ˈgrād\

Definition of degrade for Students




  1. 1 :  to lower in character or dignity Mom feels that dressing animals in costumes degrades them.

  2. 2 :  to break down or separate into simpler parts or substances Bacteria will degrade the spilled pollutant.

  3. 3 :  to reduce from a higher to a lower rank or degree He was degraded to a private by his commander.

Word Root of degrade

The Latin word gradus, meaning “step” or “degree,” gives us the root grad. Words from the Latin gradus have something to do with steps. Anything gradual happens slowly one step at a time. To degrade is to reduce from a higher to a lower degree. A grade is a step in school made up of one year of work. Even the word degree itself has gradus as its root.

Medical Dictionary


verb de·grade \di-ˈgrād\

Medical Definition of degrade




  1. :  to reduce the complexity of (a chemical compound) by splitting off one or more groups or larger components :  decompose cellulose is degraded by the action of some bacteria

  2. intransitive verb

  3. :  to undergo chemical degradation

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