The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 43-52

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. absurd | see definition»

    completely foolish, unreasonable, or untrue : RIDICULOUS

    "This is crazy. Insane. Absurd."

  2. beeline | see definition»

    a straight direct course

    Candice was on a beeline for James Parker.

  3. cluster | see definition»

    a number of similar things growing or grouped closely together : BUNCH

    Ms. McMillan directed him to a cluster of desks.

  4. chide | see definition»

    to scold gently

    Candice waited for her mom to chide her.

  5. converge | see definition»

    to move toward one point and join together : to come together and meet

    By the time they exited the vault, the press had converged upon the bank.

  6. deceptive | see definition»

    likely to make someone believe something that is not true

    Candice, even with wobbly legs, was deceptively fast.

  7. devious | see definition»

    willing to lie and trick people in order to get what is wanted

    "We're not up to anything devious."

  8. emboss | see definition»

    to decorate a surface with a raised pattern or design

    Her named had been embossed on the bracelet in glittery silver, making it shimmer.

  9. formal | see definition»

    arranged in a very orderly and regular way

    The city had decided to issue a formal apology to her grandmother, and were holding a ceremony to rename City Hall in her honor.

  10. former | see definition»

    existing in the past


  11. glib | see definition»

    speaking or spoken carelessly and often insincerely

    "Don't be glib, Candi."

  12. ingenuity | see definition»

    skill or cleverness in discovering, inventing, or planning

    The program began, with the current mayor telling a very long and very boring story about her grandmother's bravery and ingenuity.

  13. inquisition | see definition»

    a harsh and unfair investigation or series of questions

    The questions were innocent enough, but to Candice, it felt like an inquisition.

  14. ragged | see definition»

    harsh and not regular : not smooth or even

    The voice on the other end was ragged.

  15. sham | see definition»

    something that deceives : HOAX

    "What if it turns out to be a sham?"

  16. sheepish | see definition»

    showing or feeling embarrassment especially because you have done something foolish or wrong

    He gave her a sheepish grin.

  17. savor | see definition»

    to delight in

    "I've got to savor every chance I get like this."

  18. sneer | see definition»

    a disrespectful expression or remark

    His sneer was audible all the way across the room.

  19. statute | see definition»

    a written rule or regulation

    "Or perhaps a statute of limitations?" Brandon asked.

  20. stipulate | see definition»

    to demand or require (something) as part of an agreement

    Candice and Brandon stipulated that it had to be named after Siobhan Washington.

  21. veto | see definition»

    to refuse to allow or accept (something, such as a plan or suggestion)

    She had wanted to wear comfy jeans, but both her parents had vetoed that.

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