Stef Soto, Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres Vocabulary list, Chapters 6-10

Stef Soto, Taco Queen Vocabulary List

  1. allowance | see definition»

    an amount of money that is given to someone regularly or for a specific purpose

    “Okay, so I know Mom and Dad aren’t going to just give me money for Viviana Vega tickets, but maybe, like, an advance on my allowance?..."

  2. appreciate | see definition»

    to be grateful for (something)

    I wave to show him how much I appreciate it.

  3. bloom | see definition»

    to change, grow, or develop fully

    The colors bloom on the page.

  4. clamp | see definition»

    to press or squeeze (something)

    I clamp my hand on her shoulder so she’ll stop and take a breath.

  5. cruel | see definition»

    causing or helping to cause suffering : terrible and unfair

    We go from lunch to PE, which seems cruel. All I want to do is nap.

  6. decade | see definition»

    a period of 10 years

    Pinned to the walls of Mr. Salazar’s studio are a decade’s worth of sketches and paintings, some yellowing, their corners creased.

  7. demonstrate | see definition»

    to show or explain how something is used or done : to show or explain the function or use of (something)

    Amanda stood, found a practice ball, and demonstrated. “When you kick with your shoelaces, it’s easier to make the ball go where you want.”

  8. dismiss | see definition»

    to send (someone) away : to cause or allow (someone) to leave

    As usual, Tía Perla is waiting for me when school is dismissed, but this time, Papi has her parked just across the street.

  9. disposable | see definition»

    made to be thrown away after use

    Meanwhile, Papi, wearing disposable gloves, ladles salsa into teensy plastic containers.

  10. frantic | see definition»

    feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry

    “What’s going on?” he asks, looking frantic and eyeing his cell phone where we tossed it on the ground.

  11. groan | see definition»

    to make a deep sound because of pain or some strong emotion (such as grief or disappointment)

    Arthur blushes, groans, and puts on his earphones, but not before the librarian catches him and gives him a stern look.

  12. grumble | see definition»

    to complain quietly about something : to talk in an unhappy way

    “Ah, don’t bother,” Vera grumbles. “Like I said, nothing ever happens.”

  13. inherit | see definition»

    to receive (money, property, etc.) from someone when that person dies

    I’m betting that, in the end, a letter will come for the housekeeper, telling her she’s inherited millions from a long-lost uncle.

  14. jostle | see definition»

    to push roughly

    I step on toes; I jostle handbags; I almost fall into someone’s lap as I scramble to the front of the room.

  15. mature | see definition»

    having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult

    I want to tell him I’m smart enough, mature enough.

  16. mystery | see definition»

    something that has not been or cannot be explained

    The mystery drawing turns out to be a spiderweb, its strands gleaming white through all that color.

  17. resist | see definition»

    to fight against

    “It’s wax resist because the wax is resisting the paint!”

  18. rigid | see definition»

    not able to be bent easily

    “Some bounce. Some stretch. Some are tough and rigid. Today you’ll work with a superabsorbent polymer.

  19. scrimmage | see definition»

    a practice game between two teams or between two groups from the same team

    Scrimmaging at practice one afternoon, Amanda broke away at the half line with no one but me between her and the goal box.

  20. snob | see definition»

    one who looks down upon those felt to be less important

    I sock him lightly on the shoulder. “Don’t be such a music snob.”

  21. technique | see definition»

    a way of doing something by using special knowledge or skill

    He tells us to spend a few minutes planning before practicing the technique ourselves.

  22. teensy | see definition»

    very small

    Meanwhile, Papi, wearing disposable gloves, ladles salsa into teensy plastic containers.

  23. venture | see definition»

    to do, say, or offer something (such as a guess or an opinion) even though you are not sure about it

    “To push away?” I venture.

  24. vivid | see definition»

    seeming like real life because it is very clear, bright, or detailed

    I am in charge of the blank piece of paper in front of me, and I can turn it into something as vivid and adventurous or as quiet and calm as I want.

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