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Estefania, Stef for short (“Taco Queen” at school) is eager to break away from Tía Perla, her family’s run-down taco truck that quite literally follows her around. From picking her up at school to dropping her off at friends, it always seems to be around. In a complicated journey of self-discovery, middle school struggles, and strict, but loving parents, Stef learns the importance of family and the power of identity.

Vocabulary from Chapters 1-5

Vocabulary from Chapters 6-10

Discussion Questions

Adults can use this book as an opportunity to discuss their heritage and how we all feel different from other people in ways that make us uncomfortable. Ask your child what makes them feel different from their friends and how they resolve it. Or discuss how you or the rest of their family may have embarrassed them :)

Why does Stef want space from her family and her family's food truck? Does this change by the end? Why?

Are Stef's parents overprotective? Are yours? Why do you think they are or are not?

Bonus question: If you could make your own taco with unlimited toppings, what would you put on it?

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