Stef Soto, Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres Vocabulary list, Chapters 16-20

Stef Soto, Taco Queen Vocabulary List

  1. baffled | see definition»

    extremely confused or puzzled

    “What?” I ask, baffled and slightly terrified.

  2. barely | see definition»

    hardly or scarcely — used to say that something was almost not possible or almost did not happen

    It is Tía Perla—and someone’s outstretched arm passing a bag to a customer whose face you can barely make out under a dark hooded sweatshirt.

  3. clang | see definition»

    to make or cause (something) to make the loud, ringing sound of metal hitting against something

    Someone clangs a spoon against a big glass jar of pickles.

  4. dissolve | see definition»

    to end or disappear or cause (something) to end or disappear

    I shoot him a look that says too soon, but it dissolves quickly back into a smile.

  5. flimsy | see definition»

    not strong or solid

    I can tell she’s nearly shouting, but from back here, her voice sounds small and flimsy.

  6. frustrated | see definition»

    very angry, discouraged, or upset because of being unable to do or complete something

    I’m a little frustrated that he doesn’t seem to understand what a big deal this is when I realize we aren’t heading for any of our usual dinnertime stops.

  7. impression | see definition»

    the effect or influence that something or someone has on a person's thoughts or feelings

    They’ll make an impression.

  8. jealous | see definition»

    feeling or showing an unhappy or angry desire to have what someone else has

    I’m a little jealous I didn’t get to hear first, but I guess I understand.

  9. lame | see definition»

    not strong, good, or effective

    “Whatever. Of course I knew,” I lie lamely.

  10. mural | see definition»

    usually large painting that is done directly on the surface of a wall

    But mostly there are taco trucks, many of them with vivid murals on their sides that make Tía Perla look even older and plainer than usual.

  11. murmur | see definition»

    a quiet expression of an opinion or feeling

    There are murmurs of agreement, and the rumble threatens to build into a roar again.

  12. noble | see definition»

    having or showing very fine or admirable qualities

    El Toro is a bright red truck with a giant black bull painted right in the middle, its head raised nobly as it gazes off into the distance.

  13. panic | see definition»

    to feel or cause to feel sudden overpowering fear

    His lips move softly as he reads the letter, and I start to panic.

  14. regret | see definition»

    to feel sad or sorry about (something that you did or did not do): to have regrets about (something)

    And to tell the truth, I was starting to regret missing out on Suzy’s amazing chorizo and eggs.

  15. routine | see definition»

    a regular way of doing things in a particular order

    Since it’s not our usual routine, and because we have to pick up Tía Perla on the way, I barely make it to school on time.

  16. suspense | see definition»

    a feeling or state of nervousness or excitement caused by wondering what will happen

    In the art studio the next afternoon, Mr. Salazar doesn’t leave us in suspense for long.

  17. suspicious | see definition»

    having or showing a feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving wrongly : feeling or showing suspicion

    No. Way. I turn the newspaper clipping over, suddenly suspicious. “Is this even real?”

  18. underestimate | see definition»

    to think of (someone or something) as being lower in ability, influence, or value than that person or thing actually is

    “Never underestimate the power of live music.”

  19. urgent | see definition»

    very important and needing immediate attention

    I tell Mrs. Garcia that it’s not urgent—I’ll just see Amanda at school tomorrow.

  20. usual | see definition»

    done, found, or used most of the time or in most cases : normal or regular

    Since it’s not our usual routine, and because we have to pick up Tía Perla on the way, I barely make it to school on time.

  21. verdict | see definition»

    a judgment or opinion about something

    Julia and Maddie had been squeezing each other’s hands, waiting for Mr. Salazar’s verdict.

  22. whine | see definition»

    to complain in an annoying way

    “Maaaaami, seriously,” I whine. “You were, like, a block away. I was fine.”

  23. whirl | see definition»

    a state of busy movement or activity

    The dinner rush is such a whirl that I almost miss Amanda and Arthur jumping up and down, waving their arms from the middle of the line.

  24. wince | see definition»

    to draw back in fear, pain, or disgust

    “Yes!” Jake slaps his hands against the art table, then winces. “Ow.”

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