Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell, Vocabulary List Chapters 21-29

Learn vocabulary for Island of the Blue Dolphins, chapters 21-29

  1. aware | see definition»

    knowing that something (such as a situation, condition, or problem) exists

    While I stood there behind the rock, not knowing what to do, again aware of my father’s warning that a bow in the hands of a woman would always break in a time of danger, the animal began to move toward the shore.

  2. damage | see definition»

    physical harm that is done to something or to someone's body

    THE EARTHQUAKE did little damage. Even the spring, which failed to flow for several days, started up again and flowed more than ever.

  3. farewell | see definition»

    something that you say to a person who is leaving

    Then Tutok rose and made a gesture of farewell.

  4. gesture | see definition»

    a movement of your body (especially of your hands and arms) that shows or emphasizes an idea or a feeling

    She pointed to the cave and then to me and made gestures as if she were making a fire.

  5. giddy | see definition»

    feeling or showing great happiness and joy

    “Rontu,” I said, feeling giddy with happiness, “if you were not a male dog I would make you one too, as beautiful as this.”

  6. graceful | see definition»

    moving in a smooth and attractive way

    She was graceful and the skirt flowed around her like water, but I hated the Aleuts and took it from her.

  7. hobble | see definition»

    to walk with difficulty because of injury or weakness

    Then, because he was not old enough to fly, he began to hobble around the yard.

  8. nuzzle | see definition»

    to gently push or rub your nose or face against (someone or something) to show affection

    Still the babies would not take the food, and at last, tired of playing with it, swam over and began to nuzzle him.

  9. rumble | see definition»

    a low, heavy, continuous sound or series of sounds

    The rumbling came closer out of an empty sky, filling my ears.

  10. shudder | see definition»

    to move or sound as if being shaken

    The sand shuddered under my feet as the first wave struck.

  11. sore | see definition»

    very painful or sensitive

    She was so pleased that I forgot how sore my fingers were from boring the holes in the hard shells.

  12. stride | see definition»

    to walk with very long steps

    I watched him stride off to get the spear, a little boy with thin arms and legs like sticks, wearing a big string of sea-elephant teeth.

  13. stumble | see definition»

    to hit your foot on something when you are walking or running so that you fall or almost fall

    I ran and stumbled and got up and ran again.

  14. teeter | see definition»

    to move in an unsteady way back and forth or from side to side

    These places are usually small and often I had watched a young one teetering on the edge of the nest and wondered why it did not fall.

  15. tribe | see definition»

    a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs

    With blue clay I made the mark of our tribe across my nose.

  16. trickle | see definition»

    to flow or fall in drops

    Water tipped out of the basket and trickled over my face.

  17. tumble | see definition»

    to fall forward while turning over

    I could hear rocks tumbling from the cliff, falling down into the sea.

  18. victor | see definition»

    a person who defeats an enemy or opponent

    Slowly the second wave forced the first one backward, rolled slowly over it, and then as a victor drags the vanquished, moved in toward the island.

  19. wander | see definition»

    to move about without a goal or purpose

    Sometime when she was out looking for food she might wander by the spring and see that it was being used and find my steps leading to the cave.

  20. weave | see definition»

    to make something (such as cloth) by crossing threads or other long pieces of material over and under each other

    Then they swam on ahead of the canoe, crossing back and forth in front of it, diving in and out, as if they were weaving a piece of cloth with their broad snouts.

  21. wreckage | see definition»

    the broken parts of a vehicle, building, etc., that has been badly damaged or destroyed

    I therefore set out on the first fair morning to search for whatever wreckage the waves had washed ashore.

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