I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-3

I Love You, Michael Collins Vocabulary List

  1. common | see definition»

    having to do with the whole : applying to more than just a small area or group

    Apparently this was common knowledge.

  2. deluxe | see definition»

    of better quality and usually more expensive than the usual ones of its kind : very luxurious

    Dolores Doyle's skirts are always the right length, she had perfect knife-straight hair, and she even has the deluxe set of Magic Markers, the one with every color in the world.

  3. determine | see definition»

    to be the cause of or reason for

    I think maybe a a lot can be determined by a person's name.

  4. doubt | see definition»

    to consider unlikely

    He said he doubted Mr. Doyle's law firm was looking to hire telephone linemen.

  5. echo | see definition»

    the repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves

    Was there an echo in the room?

  6. guffaw | see definition»

    to laugh noisily

    "That's so stupid!" Billy Parker guffawed.

  7. lanky | see definition»

    very tall and thin

    He is tall and what you would call lanky.

  8. offend | see definition»

    to hurt the feelings of or insult

    Because I checked in the phone book and I hope you won't be offended, but let me tell you, even around here, there is more than one Michael Collins.

  9. orbit | see definition»

    to travel around (something, such as a planet or moon) in a curved path : to make an orbit around (something)

    Michael Collins is just going to be orbiting it.

  10. predict | see definition»

    to say that (something) will or might happen in the future

    "Wouldn't it be foolish of me to try to predict-"

  11. risk | see definition»

    possibility of loss or injury

    Usually, I do my best not to answer things in class, because of the risks.

  12. shift | see definition»

    to change or make a change in place, position, or direction

    This time though, it wasn't too bad, because Mrs. Collins immediately shifted the class into the assignment part.

  13. sincerely | see definition»

    genuinely or truly : in a sincere or truthful way

    Sincerely yours, Mamie Anderson.

  14. suffer | see definition»

    to experience something unpleasant

    Believe me, I've been told about the importance of clean underwear more than once, how it has to be that way in case an ambulance ever comes for you because you do not want to suffer the embarrassment of dirty underwear in such a situation.

  15. technically | see definition»

    according to a very strict explanation of a rule, fact, etc.

    Well, technically you're not going to the moon.

  16. volume | see definition»

    the degree of loudness of a sound

    Listening to them have discussion after discussion, mostly I can just hear the volume of but not the specific words.

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