Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, Vocabulary List Chapters 16-18

Hoot Vocabulary List

  1. accomplice | see definition»

    a person who works with or helps someone who is doing something wrong or illegal

    There the boy had lasted only seventeen hours before breaking out, this time with an unlikely accomplice.

  2. brawny | see definition»

    having large strong muscles

    He leaped up from the floor and scrambled out the door, where the guard clamped a brawny hand on his arm and led him off.

  3. crusade | see definition»

    a major effort to change something

    That night, lying in bed, Roy felt a stronger connection to Mullet Fingers, and a better understanding of the boy's private crusade against the pancake house.

  4. dramatic | see definition»

    attracting attention : causing people to carefully listen, look, etc.

    For dramatic purposes, Curly had jazzed up a few of the details.

  5. exaggerate | see definition»

    to think of or describe something as larger or greater than it really is

    Roy knew that Garret was famous for exaggerating.

  6. exotic | see definition»

    not living or growing naturally in a particular area : from another part of the world

    Again Roy was astounded by the immense flatness of the terrain, the lush horizons, and the exotic abundance of life.

  7. extravaganza | see definition»

    a very large and exciting show or event

    She groaned when Roy showed her the advertisement for the Mother Paula's groundbreaking extravaganza.

  8. fabulous | see definition»

    very good

    Curly's performance went over so fabulously at home that he was confident Chuck Muckle would go for it, too.

  9. flee | see definition»

    to run away from (a place)

    He squeezed his fingers into fists, but the mullet easily jetted free, leaping once before it rejoined the fleeing school.

  10. gloomy | see definition»

    not hopeful or promising

    Roy had a gloomy feeling that the forms and documents were written in such technical terms that he wouldn't be able to understand them, anyway.

  11. harrowing | see definition»

    very painful or upsetting

    Gradually a harrowing thought seeped into Curly's brain, chilling him like ice water: What if the teenaged burglar had swiped the revolver from his waistband while they were fighting?

  12. hasty | see definition»

    done or made in a hurry

    He heard kids whispering in the seat behind him, followed by a hasty gathering of books and backpacks.

  13. hissy | see definition»

    an uncontrolled expression of strong emotion

    "...The two of 'em were just standing around talkin', perfectly friendly, when Lonna shows up and pitches a major hissy."

  14. humongous | see definition»

    very large

    "Absolutely! We're talkin' humongous rattraps." Garret held his hands a foot apart to illustrate.

  15. inquisitive | see definition»

    tending to ask questions : having a desire to know or learn more

    An inquisitive pair of bright amber eyes peeked up from the blackness.

  16. klutz | see definition»

    a person who often drops things, falls down, etc. : a clumsy person

    Beatrice was such a phenomenal athlete that Roy couldn't imagine her falling down the stairs like some ordinary klutz.

  17. lustrous | see definition»

    having a shiny quality

    With a gaunt forefinger she stroked the lustrous strand above her mouth.

  18. phenomenal | see definition»

    very good or great : unusual in a way that is very impressive

    Garret broke the standoff with a phenomenal fake fart that sent Lonna reeling backward in horror.

  19. scrutiny | see definition»

    a close inspection

    He gulped as the beam illuminated something shiny and black in the water, but upon closer scrutiny he saw that it wasn't an alligator.

  20. silhouette | see definition»

    a dark shape in front of a light background

    The patrolman glanced up and saw, framed against the starlit sky, two winged silhouettes-the baby owl's parents, anxiously circling their frightened fledgling.

  21. snit | see definition»

    in a very annoyed and angry state usually because of something minor

    In a snit, Curly stomped toward the third and last piece of equipment, a grader.

  22. surly | see definition»

    rude and unfriendly

    In his version of the story, for instance, the surly young intruder disabled him with an expertly aimed karate chop (which sounded more serious than having dirt thrown in your face).

  23. theory | see definition»

    an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true

    Delinko is no Sherlock Holmes, thought the police captain, but he's got a point. "Well, then, let's hear your theory," he said to the patrolman.

  24. uncooperative | see definition»

    not showing a desire to act or work with others in a helpful way

    However, Dana had remained stubbornly uncooperative, and his statements were confusing.

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