A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 3 Chapters 1-3

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. bedraggled | see definition»

    limp, wet, or dirty from or as if from rain or mud

    Like everyone else, Sang was bedraggled and soaked.

  2. blunt | see definition»

    to make or become less sharp

    But his imagination felt blunted, and he couldn't take the fantasy any further.

  3. capsize | see definition»

    to turn over : UPSET

    Thanh worried less about throwing up and more about capsizing and drowning.

  4. cascade | see definition»

    to flow or fall rapidly and in large quantity

    Sang was small with delicate features, smooth clear skin, and thick hair that cascaded down her back, straight and glossy.

  5. cringe | see definition»

    to show disgust or embarrassment at something

    He was glad she wasn't mad, but he cringed at what she must think of him.

  6. crude | see definition»

    planned or done in a rough or unskilled way

    The boy's crudely cut hair accented his small neat face, now at rest.

  7. dawdle | see definition»

    to move slowly and without purpose

    Dawdling on the road home, he wished too that could make the words on the paper rearrange themselves into something full of praise.

  8. embroider | see definition»

    to make more interesting by exaggerating or adding details

    Sang was always finding pretty rocks and flowers to decorate their home, and embroidering everything she could with intricate designs.

  9. forge | see definition»

    to make or copy (something, such as a document or signature) falsely in order to deceive someone

    Thanh and Sang's father, meanwhile, had frantically forged new identity papers for himself and moved his family to his wife's village to disappear.

  10. incorrigible | see definition»

    not able to be corrected or changed

    So incorrigible that even though he promised to do better next time, every new day was a new adventure in messing up.

  11. inlet | see definition»

    a narrow area of water that goes into the land from a sea or lake

    Uncle Truc's brother led them away from the village and to a secluded inlet where he had stored his boat.

  12. loll | see definition»

    to lie around lazily

    Her head lolled to one side.

  13. ludicrous | see definition»

    funny because of being ridiculous : ABSURD

    She snorted like he'd said something ludicrous, then spoke in her caramel sauce voice.

  14. permeate | see definition»

    to pass or spread through (something)

    Sang's cooking permeated the house.

  15. peter | see definition»

    to gradually become smaller, weaker, or less before stopping or ending

    And that was where the daydream petered out, for how could he get an education?

  16. secluded | see definition»

    hidden from view : private and not used or seen by many people

    Uncle Truc's brother led them away from the village and to a secluded inlet where he had stored his boat.

  17. sodden | see definition»

    very heavy and wet

    The Turtle and the other kid crouched next to him, tense and sodden messes.

  18. stocky | see definition»

    short, broad, and sturdy in build

    Uncle Truc's brother, though the elder, was shorter than Uncle Truc and stockier.

  19. tranquil | see definition»

    free from disturbance or turmoil

    The water lay tranquil - a person could almost walk on it.

  20. trawl | see definition»

    to search through (something) in order to find someone or something

    Uncle Truc's wide-shouldered brother looked at ease, like he was simply on a job trawling up the river to deliver goods.

  21. wedge | see definition»

    to force (someone or something) into a very small or narrow space

    There wasn't any rope left, so she wedged herself between Thanh and Sang.

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