Synonyms and Antonyms of victual

  1. 1 to provide food or meals for <the navy was usually equipped, clothed and victualled by the Crown> Synonyms board, cater, provision, feedRelated Words serve, wait; nourish, nurture, sustain; banquet, dine, feast, regale; mess; batten, fatten, fill; force-feed, overfeed, surfeit; underfeed; hand-feed, spoon-feed; refeed, reprovision

  2. 2 to take a meal <that evening the travelers victualed sumptuously on partridge and venison> Synonyms eat, fare, feed, partake, refresh, dineRelated Words banquet, feast, repast; chow (down), dig in; glut, gorge, gormandize, overeat, overfeed, pig out; graze, nibble, nosh, pick, snack; board, mess, dine out; breakfast, lunch, sup; picnicNear Antonyms diet, fast

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