Synonyms and Antonyms of unacceptably

  1. 1 beyond a normal or acceptable limit the ski lodge was unacceptably cold Synonyms devilishly, excessively, exorbitantly, inordinately, intolerably, monstrously, overly, overmuch, too, undulyRelated Words extravagantly, immoderately, intemperately; extortionately, inexcusably, obscenely, unbearably, unconscionably, unreasonably; improperly, inappropriately; abnormally, extraordinarily, freakishly, singularly, uncommonly, uncustomarily, unusually; astronomically, considerably, deadly, eminently, especially, exceedingly (also exceeding), exceptionally, extensively, extra, extremely, greatly, highly, hugely, incredibly, mightily, remarkably, significantly, substantially, super, terribly, very, whackingNear Antonyms acceptably, moderately, modestly, reasonably, temperately; barely, hardly, just, marginally, meagerly, minimally, scantily, scarcely, slightlyAntonyms deficiently, inadequately, insufficiently

  2. 2 in an unsatisfactory way she does her chores quickly but usually unacceptably Synonyms bad, deficiently, inadequately, lousily, poorly, badly, unsatisfactorily, wretchedlyRelated Words abysmally, atrociously, awfully, damnably, deplorably, detestably, disastrously, dreadfully, execrably, horrendously, horribly, horrifically, rottenly, terribly; intolerably, unbearably; inappropriately, incorrectly, indecently, reprehensibly, unsuitably, vulgarly; naughtily; egregiously, flagrantly, grossly; miserably, shoddily, sleazily, trashily, unspeakably; abominably, odiously, vilely; inferiorly, insufficiently, meagerly, meanly, niggardly, scantily, scantly, shabbily, skimpily, sparely, stingilyNear Antonyms appropriately, congruously, correctly, decently, decorously, felicitously, fittingly, meetly, rightly, seemly, suitably; exactly, faithfully, ideally, precisely, respectably; gratifyingly, satisfyinglyAntonyms acceptably, adequately, all right, fine, good, nicely, OK (or okay), palatably, passably, satisfactorily, so-so, tolerably, well

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a trip made at another's expense

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