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  1. 1 in a manner showing no signs of pride or self-assertion <meanly silent up to that point, he now felt that fair criticism was turning into gratuitous insult> Synonyms abjectly, deferentially, hat in hand, humbly, lowly, meekly, modestly, sheepishly, submissivelyRelated Words obsequiously, servilely, subserviently; fearfully, mousily, timidly; bashfully, diffidently, self-deprecatingly, shyly, timorously; civilly, courteously, politely, respectfully, suppliantlyNear Antonyms fearlessly; discourteously, disdainfully, disrespectfully, impertinently, rashly, recklessly, saucily; bitchily, impolitely, impudently, rudely, uncivilly, ungraciouslyAntonyms arrogantly, audaciously, boldly, brashly, brazenly, contemptuously, haughtily, huffily, imperiously, loftily, pompously, presumptuously, pretentiously, pridefully, proudly, scornfully, self-importantly, superciliously, swaggeringly, uppishly

  2. 2 in a mean or spiteful manner <in a meanly worded letter she told me that she never wanted to see me again> Synonyms bitchily, cattily, despitefully, hatefully, malevolently, maliciously, malignantly, nastily, spitefully, viciously, villainously, virulently, wickedlyRelated Words contemptuously, deprecatingly, disdainfully, scornfully; acrimoniously, antagonistically, caustically, envyingly, hostilely, invidiously, obnoxiously, rancorously, venomously, vindictively, vituperatively; bitterly, enviously, jealously, resentfully; balefully, caddishly, callously, cruelly, evil-mindedly, felly, hard-heartedly, heartlessly, inhumanely, kindlessly, mercilessly, pitilessly, ruthlessly, soullessly, unfeelingly; disagreeably, ill, ungraciously, unkindly; ill-naturedly, inconsiderately, insensitively, thoughtlessly; diabolically, fiendishly; misanthropicallyNear Antonyms affably, agreeably, amiably, cordially, genially, good-humoredly, good-naturedly, graciously, nicely, pleasantly; altruistically, humanely; considerately, feelingly, lovingly, mercifully, sensitively, softheartedly, solicitously, soulfully, thoughtfully; compassionately, sympathetically; angelically, divinely, gently, sweetly, tenderlyAntonyms benevolently, benignantly, good-heartedly, kindheartedly, kindly

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