Synonyms and Antonyms of settler

  1. 1 a person who settles in a new region settlers learning to live in peace with the natives Synonyms colonial, colonist, colonizer, homesteader, pioneer, frontiersmanRelated Words explorer, pathfinder, trailblazer; bushranger, mountain man, woodsman

  2. 2 one that leaves one place to settle in another in 1889 Jane Addams, in an effort to provide Chicago's latest wave of settlers with much-needed services, founded the city's first settlement house Synonyms émigré (also emigré), immigrant, incomer [chiefly British], in-migrant, migrant, out-migrant, emigrantRelated Words defector, deportee, evacuee, exile, expatriate, refugee, relocatee, repatriate; alien, foreigner, illegal, noncitizen, nonnative; colonist, newcomer, squatter; migrator, pilgrim, pioneer, trekkerNear Antonyms aborigine, native; citizen, habitant, inhabitant, national, residentAntonyms nonimmigrant

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