Synonyms and Antonyms of salutation

  1. 1 a formal expression of praise the speaker introduced the evening's honored guest with a lavish salutation Synonyms accolade, citation, commendation, dithyramb, eulogium, eulogy, homage, hymn, paean, panegyric, encomium, tributeRelated Words award, decoration, dedication, honor, prize; acclaim, acclamation, laudation; applause, plaudit(s); bravo, hallelujah, kudo; approval, cachet, compliment, recommendationNear Antonyms censure, condemnation, denunciation, indictment, rebuke, reprimand, reproof; admonition, correction, harangue, lecture, sermon

  2. 2 an expression of goodwill upon meeting began the discussion with a gracious salutation to the distinguished assembly Synonyms greeting, hello, salute, welcomeRelated Words ave, hail; amenities, civilities, pleasantries; regards, respects, wishesAntonyms adieu, bon voyage, congé (also congee), farewell, Godspeed, good-bye (or good-by)

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