Synonyms and Antonyms of greeting

  1. 1 an expression of goodwill upon meeting <the volunteer directed the conference participants towards the coffee after offering them a cheerful greeting> Synonyms hello, salutation, salute, welcomeRelated Words ave, hail; amenities, civilities, pleasantries; regards, respects, wishesAntonyms adieu, bon voyage, congé (also congee), farewell, Godspeed, good-bye (or good-by)

  2. 2 greetings pl  best wishes <when you see him, give him my sincerest greetings> Synonyms commendations [archaic], congratulations, felicitations, greetings, regards, respectsRelated Words approval, benediction, blessing, endorsement (also indorsement); acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), citation, commendation; adulation, flattery, praise; well-wishingNear Antonyms dig, gibe (or jibe), insult, put-down, taunt

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