resort to


Synonyms and Antonyms of resort to

  1. 1 to use or seek out as a source of aid, relief, or advantage unable to achieve their ends politically, some of the opposition groups have begun to resort to violence Synonyms consult, go (to), refer (to), turn (to) Related Words employ, use, utilize; depend (on), rely (on) Phrases fall back on

  2. 2 to go to or spend time in often resorted to the library whenever he felt the need for a little peace and quiet Synonyms affect, habituate, hang (at), haunt, frequent (to), visitRelated Words patronize; attend, take in; infest, invade, overrun, swarm; call (on or upon), drop by, drop in, pop (in), run (in), stop (in or by); camp (out in), sojourn (at), stay (at), stop (over), tarry (in)Near Antonyms dodge, duck, elude, escape, eschew, evade, shakeAntonyms avoid, shun

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