Synonyms and Antonyms of pregnant

  1. 1 containing unborn young within the body we only realized that our cat had been pregnant when she unexpectedly delivered three kittens Synonyms big, caught, enceinte, expectant, expecting, gone, gravid, heavy, quick [archaic] Related Words parturient, prenatal; childbearing, gestational; brooding; conceiving, impregnated Phrases with child, with young Near Antonyms barren, infertile; aborting, miscarrying; delivered Antonyms nonpregnant

  2. 2 clearly conveying a special meaning (as one's mood) a pregnant silence followed the ill-advised attempt at humor Synonyms eloquent, meaning, meaningful, expressive, revealing, revelatory, significant, suggestiveRelated Words graphic (also graphical), pictorial, vivid; evocative, redolent, reminiscent; sententious, weighty; flavorful, full-bodied, richAntonyms unexpressive

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