Synonyms and Antonyms of organ

  1. 1 a publication that appears at regular intervals <that newspaper is intended as an organ for the whole university community> Synonyms book, bulletin, diurnal, gazette, mag, magazine, newspaper, journal, paper, periodical, rag, review, serial, zineRelated Words annual, bimonthly, biweekly, daily, monthly, quarterly, semimonthly, semiweekly, triweekly, weekly, yearbook; digest, little magazine; fanzine; pictorial, slick; broadside, edition, extra, sheet, supplement, tab, tabloid; newsletter, newsmagazine, newsweekly

  2. 2 something used to achieve an end <uses the business as an organ to fund a variety of political and social causes> Synonyms agency, instrument, instrumentality, machinery, means, medium, ministry, agent, vehicleRelated Words determinant, expedient, factor, influence, ingredient, mechanism, tool; weapon; activator, animator, catalyst, driver, energizer, executor, generator, impetus, incentive, inspiration, instigation, instigator, launcher, mover, power, stimulus, trigger; antecedent, cause, occasion, reason; subagency, subagent

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