Synonyms and Antonyms of mise–en–scène

  1. 1 the array of painted backgrounds and furnishings used to establish the setting in a stage production an era in which the mise-en-scène of Broadway musicals became ever more spectacular Synonyms decor (or décor), mise-en-scène, scene, setRelated Words backdrop, drop; background; set piece; prop, property

  2. 2 the circumstances, conditions, or objects by which one is surrounded the movie captures the mise-en-scène of bawdiness and ribaldry that we associate with a pirate port of call Synonyms ambient, atmosphere, climate, clime, context, contexture, environs, medium, milieu, mise-en-scène, setting, surround, surroundings, terrainRelated Words location, place, position, space; backdrop, background; element; situation, status; geography, habitat; microenvironment

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a trip made at another's expense

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