Synonyms and Antonyms of lid

  1. 1 a piece placed over an open container to hold in, protect, or conceal its contents I had to get a screwdriver to pry the lid off of the paint can Synonyms cap, cover, topRelated Words dome, hood, roof; capsule, case, casing, covering, housing, jacket, sheath, shell

  2. 2 slang  a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown as he left the field, the pitcher tipped his lid to the cheering crowd Synonyms cap, chapeau, headdress, headgear, headpiece, hat [slang]Related Words baseball cap, beret, billycock [British], biretta, boater, bonnet, bowler, calotte, capuche, casque, castor, cloche, cocked hat, cowboy hat, cowl, derby, fedora, fez, garrison cap, hard hat, helm, helmet, high hat, homburg, hood, kepi (also képi), kufi, leghorn, miter (or mitre), nightcap, opera hat, overseas cap, panama, picture hat, pillbox, plug hat, porkpie hat, service cap, shako, silk hat, skimmer, skullcap, sombrero, sou'wester, Stetson, stocking cap, stovepipe, sunbonnet, tam, tam-o'-shanter, ten-gallon hat, top hat, topper, toque, tricorne (or tricorn), turban, zucchetto; warbonnet

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