laugh at


Synonyms and Antonyms of laugh at

  1. to make (someone or something) the object of unkind laughter most viewers seem to tune in just to laugh at the self-deluded souls who think that they can actually sing Synonyms deride, gibe (or jibe), jeer, ridicule (at), mock, scout, shoot down, skewerRelated Words scoff (at), scorn, sneer (at); bad-mouth, belittle, decry, disparage, pooh-pooh (also pooh), put down; chaff, jive, josh, kid, quiz, rally, razz, rib, ride, tease, tweak, twit; bait, barrack [chiefly British], bug, catcall, harass, harry, hassle, heckle, needle, pester, rag, target, taunt, torment; ape, burlesque, caricature, imitate, lampoon, mimic, parody, parrot, pillory, satirize, take off (on), travestyNear Antonyms applaud, approve, commend, endorse (also indorse), sanction

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