Synonyms and Antonyms of foregoer

  1. 1 one that announces or indicates the later arrival of another a nearly November snowfall that appears to be a disconcerting foregoer of the harsh winter facing us Synonyms angel, forerunner, harbinger, herald, outrider, precursorRelated Words foreboder, foreshadower, foretaste, forewarning; advertiser, announcer, blazoner, crier, proclaimer; courier, messenger, runner; augury, auspice, boding, foreboding, foreshadowing, omen, portent, prefiguring, presage; mark, sign, symptom; bellwether

  2. 2 something belonging to an earlier time from which something else was later developed not many people still have manual typewriters, the foregoers to word processors Synonyms antecedent, archetype, daddy, ancestor, forerunner, granddaddy (also grandaddy), precursor, predecessor, prototypeRelated Words model, original; originator, sire; father, motherNear Antonyms by-product, derivative, offshoot, outgrowth, spin-off; daughter, sonAntonyms descendant (also descendent)

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