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  1. 1 a male human parent I stopped calling my father “Daddy” because I thought it sounded childish Synonyms dad, father, old man, pa, papa (also poppa), pater [chiefly British], pop, sireRelated Words paterfamilias, patriarch; father figure, father image; stepfather

  2. 2 something belonging to an earlier time from which something else was later developed Cook's Tours can be considered the daddy of all organized travel tours Synonyms antecedent, archetype, ancestor, foregoer, forerunner, granddaddy (also grandaddy), precursor, predecessor, prototypeRelated Words model, original; originator, sire; father, motherNear Antonyms by-product, derivative, offshoot, outgrowth, spin-off; daughter, sonAntonyms descendant (also descendent)

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