Synonyms and Antonyms of flatter

  1. 1 to praise too much <the billionaire has an army of assistants who are eager to flatter him at every opportunity> Synonyms adulate, belaud, blarney, butter up, hero-worship, honey, massage, overpraise, puff, soft-soap, stroke Related Words blandish, cajole, coax, sweet-talk, wheedle; fawn, kowtow, suck (up to), toady; idolize, worship; eulogize, extol (also extoll), laud, praise; applaud, commend, compliment; congratulate, felicitate; drool, gush, slaver, slobber; endear, ingratiate; court, romance, woo Near Antonyms bad-mouth, belittle, decry, depreciate, disparage, put down

  2. 2 to think highly of (oneself) <don't flatter yourself that no one has ever thought of that idea before> Synonyms pride, pique, plumeRelated Words boast, brag, crow, gasconade, swagger, swank, swash, vapor, vaunt; congratulate, felicitate

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a principle or belief held by a group

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