Synonyms and Antonyms of experimental

  1. 1 made or done as an experiment an experimental procedure for patients suffering from leukemia Synonyms developmental, pilot, trial Related Words exploratory, investigative, probative; preliminary, preparatory, provisional, temporary, tentative; conjectural, hypothetical, speculative, theoretical (also theoretic); untested, untried; unproved, unproven Near Antonyms accepted, established, standard; tested, tried; advanced, developed; proved, proven; conclusive, decisive, definitive, final, permanent

  2. 2 based on observation or experience asserted that experimental knowledge is vastly superior to idle speculation and theorizing Synonyms existential, experiential, empirical, objective, observationalRelated Words actual, factual, genuine, hard, material, real; accepted, established, tried, tried-and-true; indisputable, undeniable; demonstrable, provable, verifiableNear Antonyms conjectural, hypothetical, speculative; unproven, unsubstantiated; metaphysical, transcendentalist, visionaryAntonyms nonempirical, theoretical (also theoretic), unempirical

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