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Synonyms and Antonyms of empirical

  1. 1 based on observation or experience guidelines for raising children that are based on empirical evidence Synonyms existential, experiential, experimental, objective, observational Related Words actual, factual, genuine, hard, material, real; accepted, established, tried, tried-and-true; indisputable, undeniable; demonstrable, provable, verifiable Near Antonyms conjectural, hypothetical, speculative; unproven, unsubstantiated; metaphysical, transcendentalist, visionary Antonyms nonempirical, theoretical (also theoretic), unempirical

  2. 2 capable of being proven as true or real a philosopher who does not regard “God exists” as an empirical statement Synonyms checkable, confirmable, demonstrable, verifiable (also empiric), provable, supportable, sustainableRelated Words certifiable, documentable, well-founded; defensible, excusable, justifiable, vindicable, warrantable; alleged, assumed, conjectured, guessed, presumed, surmised, suspectedNear Antonyms debatable, disprovable, disputable, refutableAntonyms indemonstrable, insupportable, unprovable, unsupportable, unsustainable, unverifiable

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