Synonyms and Antonyms of euphonic

  1. having a pleasing mixture of notes not wanting to burden their newborn with one of those unwieldy hyphenated surnames, the parents are looking for something a little more euphonic Synonyms canorous, harmonious, euphonious, harmonizing, melodious, musical, symphonic, symphonious, tunefulRelated Words blending, chiming, flowing, mellifluent, mellifluous; dulcet, mellow, melodic, sweet; echoing, resonant, sonorous; quavering, trilling, warbling; agreeable, appealing, pleasant; cadenced, lilting, lyric, lyrical, rhythmic (or rhythmical), songful, songlike; chordal, harmonic, homophonic, orchestral, polyphonic (or polyphonous), tonalNear Antonyms blaring, clanging, clashing, clattering, grating, harsh, jangling, jarring, metallic, raspy, raucous, scratching, screeching, shrill, squeaky, strident; disagreeable, unpleasant, unpleasing; atonal, off-keyAntonyms discordant, disharmonious, dissonant, inharmonious, tuneless, unmelodious, unmusical

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