Synonyms and Antonyms of defenseless

  1. lacking protection from danger or resistance against attack the lack of warm clothing left the hikers defenseless against the unexpected cold snap Synonyms helpless, exposed, susceptible, undefended, unguarded, unprotected, unresistant, vulnerableRelated Words indefensible, untenable; uncovered, unsafe; overcome, preyed (on or upon); disarmed, passive, resistless, unarmed; feeble, frail, weak; abandoned, high and dry, maroonedNear Antonyms defensible; covered, fortified, safe, screened, secure, sheltered; armed, armored; immune, impenetrable, impregnable, invincible, strong, unassailable, unbeatable, unconquerable; almighty, omnipotentAntonyms guarded, invulnerable, protected, resistant, shielded

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