conk out


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  1. 1 to lose consciousness after three days without eating, he simply conked out Synonyms black out, faint (out), keel (over), pass out, swoonRelated Words break down, collapse; zonk (out)Antonyms come around, come round, come to, revive

  2. 2 to stop functioning the engine conked out just as we were approaching the exact middle of nowhere Synonyms break, break down, fail (out), crash, cut out, die, give out, stallRelated Words fizzle, sputter, wheeze; act up, malfunction; jamAntonyms start (up)

  3. 3 to stop living a list of people whose chief claim to fame is the unusual manner in which they conked out Synonyms check out, die (out), croak [slang], decease, demise, depart, drop, end, exit, expire, fall, flatline, go, kick in [slang], kick off [slang], pass (on), pass away, part, peg out [chiefly British], perish, pop off, step out, succumbRelated Words predecease; consume, disappear, dry up, fade, failNear Antonyms come to, revive; linger; be, exist, subsist; flourish, prosper, thriveAntonyms breathe, live

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to cast off or become cast off

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