Synonyms and Antonyms of bugbear

  1. 1 something or someone that causes fear or dread especially without reason communism was once the nation's biggest bugbear Synonyms bête noire, black beast, bugaboo, bogey, dread, hobgoblin, ogreRelated Words apparition, ghost, phantasm (also fantasm), phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter (or spectre), spirit, spook, wraith; banshee, bogeyman (also bogyman), demon (or daemon), devil, fiend, ghoul, imp, incubus; fright, horrible, horror, monster, monstrosity, terror; bane, curse, enemy, plague, scourge, torment; abomination, anathema

  2. 2 something that is a source of irritation hated all the bugbears of modern life, especially those long commutes to work Synonyms aggravation, aggro [British], bother, botheration, annoyance, exasperation, frustration, hair shirt, hassle, headache, inconvenience, irk, irritant, nuisance, peeve, pest, rub, ruffle, thorn, trial, vexationRelated Words discomfort, fleabite, pinprick; affront, insult, offense (or offence); upset, worry; affliction, albatross, burden, cross, curse, menace, millstone, plague, sore; anxiety, plight, predicament, tribulation, trouble; hang-up, pet peeve, problem; annoyer, disturber, harasser, mischief, offender; pandora's boxNear Antonyms delight, joy, pleasure

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