verb \ ˈkrāv \
Updated on: 13 Jan 2018

Definition of crave

craved; craving
transitive verb
1 : to ask for earnestly : beg, demand
  • crave a pardon for neglect
2 a : to want greatly : need
  • craves drugs
  • craves attention
b : to yearn for
  • crave a vanished youth
intransitive verb
: to have a strong or inward desire
  • craves after affection



Examples of crave in a Sentence

  1. Like many celebrities, he craves attention.

  2. I was craving french fries, so I pulled into the nearest fast-food restaurant.

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Origin and Etymology of crave

Middle English, from Old English crafian; akin to Old Norse krefja to crave, demand

crave Synonyms

ache (for), covet, desire, desiderate, die (for), hanker (for or after), hunger (for), itch (for), jones (for) [slang], long (for), lust (for or after), pant (after), pine (for), repine (for), salivate (for), sigh (for), thirst (for), want, wish (for), yearn (for), yen (for)
Related Words
spoil (for); adore, delight (in), dig, enjoy, fancy, groove (on), like, love, relish, revel (in); favor, prefer; admire, appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, value
Near Antonyms
abhor, abominate, despise, detest, execrate, hate, loathe; decline, refuse, reject, spurn

Synonym Discussion of crave

desire, wish, want, crave, covet mean to have a longing for. desire stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim.
    • desires to start a new life
wish sometimes implies a general or transient longing especially for the unattainable.
    • wishes for permanent world peace
want specifically suggests a felt need or lack.
    • wants to have a family
crave stresses the force of physical appetite or emotional need.
    • craves sweets
covet implies strong envious desire.
    • covets his rise to fame

CRAVE Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of crave for English Language Learners

  • : to have a very strong desire for (something)

CRAVE Defined for Kids


verb \ ˈkrāv \

Definition of crave for Students

craved; craving
1 : to want greatly : long for
  • crave chocolate
  • The stray dog craved affection.
2 : to ask for earnestly
  • “Sire, there is a messenger from the enemy who craves audience.”
  • —C. S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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of, relating to, or resembling a lion

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