noun bom·bard \ ˈbäm-ˌbärd \

Definition of bombard

:a late medieval cannon used to hurl large stones

Origin and Etymology of bombard

Middle English bombarde, from Middle French, probably from Latin bombus



verb bom·bard \ bäm-ˈbärd also bəm- \

Definition of bombard

transitive verb
1 :to attack especially with artillery or bombers
2 :to assail vigorously or persistently (as with questions)
3 :to subject to the impact of rapidly moving particles (such as electrons)


play \-mənt\ noun

Examples of bombard in a Sentence

  1. The navy bombarded the shore.

  2. Scientists bombarded the sample with X-rays.

  3. The car was bombarded by rocks as it drove away from the angry crowd.

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Did You Know?

In the late Middle Ages, a bombard was a cannon used to hurl large stones at enemy fortifications. Its name, which first appeared in English in the 15th century, derived via Middle French and Middle English from the Latin noun bombus (a word referring to the same device). The verb "bombard" blasted onto the scene in English in 1686, with an original meaning of "to attack especially with artillery"; as weapons technology improved throughout the centuries, such artillery came to include things like automatic rifles and bomber aircraft. Nowadays one can be bombarded figuratively in any number of ways, such as by omnipresent advertising messages or persistent phone calls.

First Known Use of bombard


bombard Synonyms

Synonym Discussion of bombard

attack, assail, assault, bombard, storm mean to make an onslaught upon. attack implies taking the initiative in a struggle.
    • plan to attack the town at dawn
assail implies attempting to break down resistance by repeated blows or shots.
    • assailed the enemy with artillery fire
assault suggests a direct attempt to overpower by suddenness and violence of onslaught.
    • commandos assaulted the building from all sides
bombard applies to attacking with bombs or shells.
    • bombarded the city nightly
storm implies attempting to break into a defended position.
    • preparing to storm the fortress

BOMBARD Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of bombard for English Language Learners

  • : to attack (a place) with bombs, large guns, etc.

  • : to hit or attack (something or someone) constantly or repeatedly

BOMBARD Defined for Kids


verb bom·bard \ bäm-ˈbärd \

Definition of bombard for Students

bombarded; bombarding
1 :to attack with heavy fire from big guns :shell
  • bombard a fort
2 :to hit or attack again and again
  • We were bombarded by ads.
  • Smells he couldn't place bombarded him.
  • —Brian Selznick,

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