adjective an·gry \ ˈaŋ-grē \
Updated on: 20 Jan 2018

Definition of angry

angrier; angriest
1 : feeling or showing anger
  • an angry crowd
2 a : indicative of or proceeding from anger
  • angry words
b : seeming to show anger or to threaten in an angry manner
  • an angry sky
3 : painfully inflamed
  • an angry rash


play \-grə-lē\ adverb


play \-grē-nəs\ noun

Examples of angry in a Sentence

  1. I've never seen her look so angry.

  2. An angry crowd gathered outside the courthouse.

  3. I was angry that he had forgotten my birthday.

  4. What made you so angry?

  5. He got angry when he found out about their plans.

  6. He sent an angry letter to the company president.

  7. They had an argument and exchanged some angry words.

  8. She gave me an angry look.

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Origin and Etymology of angry

see 1anger

angry Synonyms

angered, apoplectic, ballistic, cheesed off [chiefly British], choleric, enraged, foaming, fuming, furious, hopping, horn-mad, hot, incensed, indignant, inflamed (also enflamed), infuriate, infuriated, irate, ireful, livid, mad, outraged, rabid, rankled, riled, riley, roiled, shirty [chiefly British], sore, steamed up, steaming, teed off, ticked, wrathful, wroth, bent out of shape, blue in the face, fit to be tied, going crook [Australian & New Zealand], hopping mad, hot under the collar, in a fume, in a huff, in a pet
angerless, delighted, pleased
Related Words
ranting, raving, stormy; boiling, bristling, bristly, burning, cross, huffy, passionate, seething, sizzling, smoldering (or smouldering), worked up, wrought (up); acrid, acrimonious, antagonistic, antipathetic, bitter, embittered, inimical, malevolent, piqued, rancorous, resentful, spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, virulent, vitriolic; antisocial, cold, cool, disagreeable, disapproving, distant, frigid, icy, ill-tempered, sorehead (or soreheaded), sulky, unfriendly, unpleasant; aggravated, annoyed, bearish, bilious, cantankerous, churlish, crabby, cranky, dyspeptic, exasperated, fretful, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, ill-humored, inflammable, irascible, irritable, peevish, perturbed, petulant, put out, quick-tempered, snappish, testy, touchy; argumentative, belligerent, contentious, contrary, disputatious, ornery, pugnacious, quarrelsome, querulous
Near Antonyms
accepting, accommodating, obliging; agreeable, amenable, complaisant; amicable, cordial, friendly; content, happy, satisfied; empathetic, sympathetic, tolerant, understanding; calm, pacific, peaceable, placid, serene, tranquil, unembittered; affable, amiable, easygoing, genial, good-natured, good-tempered, kind, pleasant, sweet

ANGRY Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of angry for English Language Learners

  • : filled with anger : having a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed

  • : showing anger

  • : seeming to show anger : threatening or menacing

ANGRY Defined for Kids


adjective an·gry \ ˈaŋ-grē \

Definition of angry for Students

angrier; angriest
: feeling or showing great annoyance or displeasure : feeling or showing anger


\-grə-lē\ adverb
  • shouting angrily

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to lessen the seriousness or strength of

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