adjective \ˈhī\

: rising or extending upward a great distance

: extending or reaching upward more than other things of the same kind

: located far above the ground or another surface

Full Definition of HIGH

a :  having large extension upward :  taller than average, usual, or expected <a high wall>
b :  having a specified elevation :  tall <six feet high> —often used in combinations <sky-high> <waist-high>
c :  situated or passing above the normal level, surface, base of measurement, or elevation <the high desert>
a (1) :  advanced toward the acme or culmination <high summer> (2) :  advanced toward the most active or culminating period <on the Riviera during high season> (3) :  constituting the late, most fully developed, or most creative stage or period <high Gothic> (4) :  advanced in complexity, development, or elaboration <the higher primates including humans> <higher mathematics>
b :  verging on lateness —usually used in the phrase high time
c :  long past :  remote <high antiquity>
:  elevated in pitch <a high note>
:  relatively far from the equator <high latitude>
:  rich in quality :  luxurious <high living>
:  slightly tainted <high game>; also :  malodorous <smelled rather high>
:  exalted in character :  noble <high purposes>
:  of greater degree, amount, cost, value, or content than average, usual, or expected <high prices>
:  of relatively great importance: as
a :  foremost in rank, dignity, or standing <high officials>
b :  serious, grave <high crimes>
c :  observed with the utmost solemnity <high religious observances>
d :  critical, climactic <the high point of the novel>
e :  intellectually or artistically of the first order <high culture>
f :  marked by sublime, heroic, or stirring events or subject matter <high tragedy> <high adventure>
:  forcible, strong <high winds>
:  stressing matters of doctrine and ceremony; specifically :  high church
a :  filled with or expressing great joy or excitement <high spirits>
b :  intoxicated; also :  excited or stupefied by or as if by a drug
:  articulated with some part of the tongue close to the palate <a high vowel>
high on
:  enthusiastically in approval or support of

Examples of HIGH

  1. The apartment has high ceilings.
  2. The airplane was high above the clouds.
  3. The bush is six feet high.
  4. a building 100 stories high
  5. They have a home in the high country.
  6. The houses are built on high ground.
  7. They reached speeds as high as 100 mph.
  8. He's being treated for high blood pressure.
  9. She earns a high salary.
  10. His books are in high demand.

Origin of HIGH

Middle English, from Old English hēah; akin to Old High German hōh high, Lithuanian kaukaras hill
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of HIGH

high, tall, lofty mean above the average in height. high implies marked extension upward and is applied chiefly to things which rise from a base or foundation or are placed at a conspicuous height above a lower level <a high hill> <a high ceiling>. tall applies to what grows or rises high by comparison with others of its kind and usually implies relative narrowness <a tall thin man>. lofty suggests great or imposing altitude <lofty mountain peaks>.



: at or to a high place or level

: at a high rate

: at a high price

Full Definition of HIGH

:  at or to a high place, altitude, level, or degree <climbed higher> <passions ran high>
:  well, luxuriously —often used in the phrases high off the hog and high on the hog

Examples of HIGH

  1. The painter climbed high on the ladder.
  2. The hawks were circling high in the air.
  3. The letters were stacked high on the table.
  4. buy low and sell high

First Known Use of HIGH

before 12th century



: a high point or level

: a gear that is used for faster speeds of travel in a vehicle

: a state of intoxication produced by a drug

Full Definition of HIGH

:  an elevated place or region: as
a :  hill, knoll
b :  the space overhead :  sky —usually used with on
c :  heaven —usually used with on
:  a region of high barometric pressure —called also anticyclone
a :  a high point or level :  height <sales reached a new high>
b :  the transmission gear of a vehicle (as an automobile) giving the highest speed of travel
a :  an excited, euphoric, or stupefied state produced by or as if by a drug
b :  a state of elation or high spirits

Examples of HIGH

  1. Oil prices reached a new high last winter.
  2. The forecast is for showers with highs in the 70s.
  3. The high only lasted a few minutes.

First Known Use of HIGH

13th century

Other Climate/Meteorology Terms

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