Definition of DRUNK

past participle of drink


adjective \ˈdrəŋk\

: having drunk so much alcohol that normal actions (such as talking, thinking, and moving) become difficult to do

: behaving in an unusual or improper way because of excitement, anger, etc.

Full Definition of DRUNK

a :  having the faculties impaired by alcohol
b :  having a level of alcohol in the blood that exceeds a maximum prescribed by law <legally drunk>
:  dominated by an intense feeling <drunk with rage>
:  relating to, caused by, or characterized by intoxication :  drunken <drunk driving>

Examples of DRUNK

  1. I don't like being around drunk people.
  2. She was so drunk that she could barely walk.
  3. I was drunk and couldn't think straight.
  4. We got drunk on wine.

Origin of DRUNK

Middle English drunke, alteration of drunken
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to DRUNK

besotted, blasted [slang], blind, blitzed [slang], blotto [slang], bombed, boozy, canned [slang], cockeyed, crocked, drunken, fried, gassed, hammered [slang], high, impaired, inebriate, inebriated, intoxicated, juiced [slang], lit, lit up, loaded [slang], looped, oiled [slang], pickled, pie-eyed, plastered, potted [slang], ripped [slang], sloshed [slang], smashed [slang], sottish, soused, sozzled, squiffed (or squiffy), stewed, stiff, stinking [slang], stoned, tanked [slang], tiddly [chiefly British], tight, tipsy, wasted [slang], wet, wiped out [slang], in one's cups, in the bag [slang], three sheets in the wind (or three sheets to the wind), under the influence, under the weather
sober, straight

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden



: a person who is drunk or who often gets drunk

: a period of time when someone drinks too much alcohol

Full Definition of DRUNK

:  a period of drinking to intoxication or of being intoxicated <a 2-day drunk>
:  one who is drunk; especially :  drunkard

Examples of DRUNK

  1. <you can't trust anything that old drunk says>
  2. <after a weeklong drunk he was unable to remember anything>

First Known Use of DRUNK


Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden


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