verb \ˈdəŋk\

: to dip (food) quickly into a liquid (such as coffee or milk) while eating

: to push (someone or something) under water or other liquid for a short amount of time

basketball : to jump high in the air and push (the ball) down through the basket

Full Definition of DUNK

transitive verb
:  to dip (as a piece of bread) into a beverage while eating
:  to dip or submerge temporarily in liquid
:  to throw (a basketball) into the basket from above the rim
intransitive verb
:  to submerge oneself in water
:  to make a dunk shot in basketball

Examples of DUNK

  1. I like to dunk my doughnut in my coffee.
  2. She dunked him while they were swimming.
  3. He dunked the ladle into the soup.
  4. He could dunk when he was 16.

Origin of DUNK

Pennsylvania German dunke, from Middle High German dunken, from Old High German dunkōn — more at tinge
First Known Use: 1919



basketball : a shot that is made by jumping high in the air and pushing the ball down through the basket

Full Definition of DUNK

:  the act or action of dunking; especially :  dunk shot

Examples of DUNK

  1. The pass led to a dunk.

First Known Use of DUNK

circa 1944

Other Field and Goal Sports Terms

crease, lateral, lax, overthrow, playbook, post, screen, scrum, secondary, ultimate


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