transitive verb \ˈtinj\

: to give a small amount of color to (something)

: to give a small amount of some quality to (something)

tingedtinge·ing or ting·ing \ˈtin-jiŋ\

Full Definition of TINGE

a :  to color with a slight shade or stain :  tint
b :  to affect or modify with a slight odor or taste
:  to affect or modify in character

Examples of TINGE

  1. The ink tinged his fingers blue.
  2. <just slightly tinge the frosting with yellow food coloring to give it a lemony look>

Origin of TINGE

Latin tingere to dip, moisten, tinge; akin to Greek tengein to moisten and probably to Old High German dunkōn to dip
First Known Use: 1577



: a slight color, flavor, or quality

Full Definition of TINGE

:  a slight staining or suffusing shade or color
:  an affective or modifying property or influence :  touch <a tinge of guilt>

Examples of TINGE

  1. showing a tinge of color
  2. dark hair with reddish tinges

First Known Use of TINGE


Other Color Terms

argentine, cerise, cerulean, cyan, ocher, perse, puce, taupe, vermilion


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