adjective \ˈtl\

: greater in height than the average person, building, etc.

: having a specified height

Full Definition of TALL

obsolete :  brave, courageous
a :  high in stature
b :  of a specified height <five feet tall>
a :  of considerable height <tall trees>
b :  long from bottom to top <a tall book>
c :  of a higher growing variety or species of plant
a :  large or formidable in amount, extent, or degree <a tall order to fill>
b :  pompous, high-flown <tall talk about the vast mysteries of life — W. A. White>
c :  highly exaggerated :  incredible, improbable <a tall story>
tall adverb
tall·ish \ˈt-lish\ adjective
tall·ness \ˈtl-nəs\ noun

Examples of TALL

  1. All the children in my family grew up to be very tall.
  2. My mother is short but my father is fairly tall.
  3. The giraffe is the tallest animal.
  4. The drinks were served in tall glasses.
  5. She is five feet tall.

Origin of TALL

Middle English tal, probably from Old English getæl quick, ready; akin to Old High German gizal quick
First Known Use: 15th century

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