The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, Vocabulary List Chapters 31-37

The Tale of Despereaux Vocabulary List

  1. acquaintance | see definition»

    personal knowledge

    "Perhaps it is time for you to make the acquaintance of triumph and glory."

  2. advance | see definition»

    to move forward

    And she braced herself as Cook advanced upon her.

  3. aspiration | see definition»

    something that one wants very much to achieve

    "Am I right in ascertaining that you have aspirations?"

  4. comeuppance | see definition»

    punishment that someone deserves to receive

    "That will be her divine comeuppance."

  5. covert | see definition»

    made or done secretly

    "We are, after all, on a covert mission."

  6. detain | see definition»

    to stop from going on : DELAY

    "May I detain you for a moment."

  7. discern | see definition»

    to see, recognize, or understand something

    And so it was that the overwhelming stench of despair and hopelessness and evil was not at all discernible to her, and she went happily down the twisting and turning stairs.

  8. divine | see definition»

    very good

    "That will be her divine comeuppance."

  9. jig | see definition»

    a lively dance

    Chiaroscuro, who was still at Mig's side, did a small deliberate jig of joy.

  10. olfactory | see definition»

    of or relating to smelling or the sense of smell

    This happened often enough that it interrupted the proper workings of Mig's olfactory senses.

  11. persuasion | see definition»

    the act of convincing

    "I really do not think," said Roscuro, "that Mig would need much persuasion to use that knife, Princess."

  12. ponder | see definition»

    to think over carefully

    Despereaux was pondering the reverse of that question.

  13. portentous | see definition»

    giving a sign or warning of something usually bad that is going to happen

    Reader, if you will pardon me, we must pause for a moment to consider a great and unusual thing, a portentous thing.

  14. presume | see definition»

    to think that (something) is true without knowing that it is true

    "You, Gregory presumes, have brought food for the jailer."

  15. slick | see definition»

    having a smooth surface : SLIPPERY

    But the mouse tail, covered as it was in oil, was slick and difficult to hold on to.

  16. triumph | see definition»

    the joy of victory or success

    "Perhaps it is time for you to make the acquaintance of triumph and glory."

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