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The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 14-18

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. burden | see definition»

    something that is hard to take

    It felt really good that Mr. Ortiz had so much faith in me, but it also felt like a heavy burden, because I didn't know if I deserved it."

  2. cascade | see definition»

    to flow or fall rapidly and in large quantity

    It cascaded down their bodies and onto the ground.

  3. coarse | see definition»

    having a harsh or rough quality

    Just when I thought the demons were going to lunge, thick handfuls of coarse black hair grew out of two of the demons' mouths at an alarming rate.

  4. consult | see definition»

    to seek the opinion or advice of

    I consulted it, but there was nothing new about the twins in the pages.

  5. dense | see definition»

    not intelligent : slow in understanding

    "The gods are dense and the other seers are probably chickens, too."

  6. dupe | see definition»

    to deceive with tricks

    Did you hear that, gods? You got duped!

  7. flinch | see definition»

    to draw back from or as if from pain or fear

    Hondo didn't even flinch.

  8. fluctuate | see definition»

    to change continually and especially up and down

    "It's always fluctuating."

  9. fluke | see definition»

    something that happens because of luck : an unexpected or unusual thing that happens by accident

    This had happened before, when we were in the pool, but I thought that had been a fluke.

  10. groggy | see definition»

    weak, dazed, and unsteady

    Hondo got to his feet groggily, rubbing his head.

  11. hysterical | see definition»

    feeling or showing extreme and uncontrolled emotion

    I was borderline hysterical.

  12. impasse | see definition»

    a situation in which no progress seems possible

    "Seems we're at an impasse," he said.

  13. lunge | see definition»

    to move or reach forward in a sudden, forceful way

    Just when I thought the demons were going to lunge, thick handfuls of coarse black hair grew out of two of the demons' mouths at an alarming rate.

  14. lurch | see definition»

    to move with a sudden swaying, tipping, or jerking motion

    My stomach lurched.

  15. oasis | see definition»

    a fertile or green spot in a desert

    "You cannot believe my discovery," he said as we stepped inside his little oasis.

  16. paralyze | see definition»

    to cause to be unable to move all or part of the body

    "It paralyzes only the brain."

  17. paranoid | see definition»

    having unreasonable feelings of suspicion, distrust, and persecution

    Okay, so I was paranoid.

  18. permeate | see definition»

    to pass or spread through (something)

    I wanted to pretend I couldn't detect the vomit and motor oil that permeated the greasy air, but it was too powerful to ignore.

  19. reluctant | see definition»

    showing doubt or unwillingness

    "Fine," I said reluctantly.

  20. scour | see definition»

    to go or move swiftly about, over, or through in search of something

    "What's it to you," she asked, frowning as I scoured her tray for any remaining scraps.

  21. sly | see definition»

    showing that you know a secret

    He raised a brow and gave me a sly smile.

  22. telepathy | see definition»

    a way of communicating thoughts directly from one mind to another without speech or signs

    "Only gods can do telepathy."

  23. unison | see definition»

    in exact agreement

    "Zane," all the Brooks captives said in unison.

  24. wallow | see definition»

    to spend time experiencing or enjoying something without making any effort to change your situation, feelings, etc. — usually + in

    "They don't wallow with common humans."

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